We are a young but ambitious team of like-minded people. The scope of our activities is real estate and all its aspects. Our motto is the best for the best!

All offered properties are sold at developer prices or directly from owners of apartments. We work for you: i>

Individual approach

find the option that suits you personally. Prepare and plan a trip to selected properties according to your wishes and preferences. We guarantee the privacy of the transaction.

Full support

we will always be close, starting with the registration of the transaction and signing the contract, ending with the receipt of keys and documents for your property. At any time, we are ready to advise on real estate issues.


We assist in conducting a transaction remotely. You do not have to leave the country of residence, you can buy an apartment easily from a distance. We accept various forms of payment.

Legal services

We have a staff of competent employees, including professional lawyers, and we advise on legal issues related to the acquisition of real estate, the execution of a will, donation, the re-registration of apartment contracts, the opening of a Thai company, the maintenance of tax reports, assistance on visa issues, etc.

Investment analysis

we offer consultations on the technical and economic characteristics of investment construction projects in South-East Asia. We calculate the investment return on real estate, we make an analysis of the real estate market and advise when and what is better to buy.


we try not only to help you with the purchase or sale of real estate, but also try to cover the bright events, pressing issues and other things that are happening in Thailand, in the country that we have chosen for ourselves as a second home. We do this for your convenience, understanding and comfort, so that you can more easily navigate and feel at home.